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Scones, Shortbreads & Mixes

Special Scones, Curds, and Mixes

$7.25 each or 3 for $20.00

mix and match! (does not include gluten free mixes)

Our handcrafted scone mixes do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, trans-fats, cholesterol, eggs or high fructose corn syrup. 

These all natural scones mixes are simple to prepare - just add 1 cup whipping cream and 1/3 cup of water! Each mix makes 8 large scones or 16 mini scones.


Dietary restrictions?  Our mixes are egg free and you can easily  keep the scone mix dairy free by adding coconut milk and 2 TBS of vegetable oil instead of the whipping cream. 

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#2002 Cranberry Orange Walnut

#2003 Cherry Almond

#2004 Lemon Poppy Seed   

#2005 Wild Blueberry

#2006 Red Raspberry

#2007 Apple Cinnamon

#2008 Chocolate Fudge

#2009 Raspberry White Chocolate

#2040 Caramel Macchiato

#2041 Toffee Temptation

#2042 Pina Colada

#2043 Maple Pecan

#2044 Coconut Chocolate Chip

 Shortbread cookie mixes 

Just mix with butter and press it a round cake pan.

Simple, rich and delicious!

#2010 Chai Tea Shortbread mix

#2050 Butterscotch shortbread mix

#2051 Sea Salt Shortbread mix




Look in the catalog for a complete list of

 ingredients for the scones, curds and mixes on pages 10 and 11.

(Click on the catalog to download a copy of

our 2016 Catalog.)



 "Tea Time Treat" Mixes 

All Natural ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals.


$4.50 each or 3 for $12.00 mix and match

Dessert Mixes

These dessert mixes are very versatile and can be used for mousse, cake icing, parfaits, cheesecakes, and spreads.

Mix with softened cream cheese, then fold in whipped topping or whipped cream. Refrigerate. Makes about 3 cups.


#2030 Royal Hawiian Sugar Free 

#2031 New York Cheesecake Sugar Free

#2032 Coconut Cream Pie

#2033 Cinnabun

#2034 Chocolate Mousse

#2035 Key Lime

#2036 White Chocolate Raspberry

#2037 English Toffee

#2038 Salted Caramel

#2029 Lemon Meringue


Our dip mixes make wonderful dips, bagel spreads, and cheese balls. 

Mix with mayonnaise and sour cream.  Refrigerate. Makes about 2 cups.

Use light or fat free ingredients to make your dessert or dip contain less fat and calories.

#2014 Bacon Horseradish

#2015 Garden Vegetable

#2016 Loaded Baked Potato

#2017 Pepperjack

#2018 Spinach Artichoke

#2019 Buffalo Bleu

#2020 Dill-icious

#2021 Sun Dried Tomatoes & Bacon 

#2022 Southwest Jalapeno 

#2023 Garlic Galore

#2024 Bacon Garlic Ranch

#2025 Asiago Garlic


Olive Oil Blends

Just mix with 3/4 olive oil and 3 TSB water.  Use as a bread dip or add to cooked pasta and feta or Parmesan cheese for a delicious side dish. 

#2060 Bruschetta

#2061 Puttanesca

#2062 Roasted Garlic and herbs




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Scones or shortbread mix
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#3420 3 Regular Scone or shortbread Mixes
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Tea Time Treats Special
Choose any three Dessert, Dip or olive oil blend and save $1.50
Price: $12.00
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#2032 Tea Time Treat Coconut Cream Pie
You can use these mixes as pie filling, partfaits, icing, or mousse.
Price: $4.50

#2033 Tea Time Treats Cinnabun Mix
The perfect filling for this perfect dessert.
Price: $4.50

#2034 Tea Time Treats Chocolate Mousse
A simple yet elegant dessert.
Price: $4.50

#2035 Tea Time Treats Key Lime
All the flavor of key limes.
Price: $4.50

#2036 Tea Time Treats White Chocolate Raspberry
A perfect filling for your tarts.
Price: $4.50

#2037 Tea Time Treats English Toffee
Use as a frosting, pie filling or for tarts or parfaits
Price: $4.50

#2038 Salted Caramel
Great to dip sliced apples in or frost a spice cake
Price: $4.50

#2029 Lemon Meringue dessert mix
Creamy, tart lemon flavor
Price: $4.50

#2020 Tea Time Treats Dill-icious Dip
Wonderful for a vegetable dip or on fish.
Price: $4.50

#2021 Tea Time Treats Sun Dried Tomatoes & Bacon Dip
Great dip or cheeseball.
Price: $4.50

#2022 Tea Time Treats Southwest Jalapeno Dip
A spicy southwestern dip with a kick. Makes a cheeseball or dip.
Price: $4.50

#2014 Tea Time Treats Bacon Horseradish dip mix
Great on pot roast or crackers. Makes 2 cups of dip
Price: $4.50

#2016 Tea Time Treats Garden Vegetable
Dip your favorite vegetables. Makes 2 cups
Price: $4.50

#2016 Tea Time Treats Loaded Baked Potato
#1 seller!
Price: $4.50

#2017 Pepperjack dip
Hot, Spicy, cheesy. Makes 2 cups
Price: $4.50

#2018 Tea Time Treats Spinach Artichoke
Makes 2 cups
Price: $4.50

#2019 Tea Time Treats Buffalo Bleu
Mix with cream cheese and a little milk, great on crackers or wings
Price: $4.50

#2023 Tea Time Treats Garlic Galore
For the true garlic lover. Makes 2 cups
Price: $4.50

#2024 Bacon Garlic Ranch
3 great tastes in 1
Price: $4.50

#2060 Bruscetta
cheesy, tomato goodness
Price: $4.50

#2061 Puttanesca
zesty and tangy Italian flavor
Price: $4.50

#2062 Roasted Garlic and Herbs
A garlic lovers dream
Price: $4.50

#2025 Ramano Garlic Dip Mix
Cheesy Garlic Flavor.
Price: $4.50